Just two days ago, Google rolled out what it popularly calls as Google Prompt. It’s main aim, making the process of two factor authentication much more easier.

I’ll be providing you an easy to use visual guide to set-up your account to work with Google Prompt and make your life more lazy  safe.

The time before Google Prompt

“Passwords are like underwear: you don’t let people see it, you should change it very often, and you shouldn’t share it with strangers.”

– Chris Pirillo

It might be worth praising Google on how they brought up the idea of reducing the risk of google accounts getting hacked by enabling 2FA(two factor authentication) for all users.

It’s been 4 years since I activated 2FA for my account and I’ve never been more assured about the safety of my account, although threats to 2FA exists but personally I feel much safer with 2FA enabled.

From it’s inception, Google’s 2FA was basically the second layer of protection after the main password and kept unauthorized users away from accessing your account.

Saving your digital life using google prompt

Google’s 2FA makes use of a randomly generated code that is either sent to the user’s registered mobile number using a text message or a voice call. The user has to then enter this randomly generated key to access his account.

Although it is a bit tedious for some of the more “let’s get it done quick” type people because of the added extra effort for them to enter the randomly generated code to get access to their account, it did made their accounts more safe.

Now it seems like Google is out to help all the lazy humans including me and provided a new solution to the little pesky 2FA in the form of Google Prompt.

Well the name gives it away already but still it is a new system that will display prompts on your Android/iOS devices whenever you try to login to your account.

So instead of getting the randomly generated security code, you’ll be provided with a prompt on your smartphone asking whether you want to allow the login or not. Seems cool right?

How to enable Google Prompt on my account? HAAAALP!!

It’s a relatively simple process to enable Google Prompt for your Google account and I’ll be giving a step by step visual guide to enable it without breaking a sweat!

First and foremost, update your Google Play Service. Most of the time it is automatically updated so yup you’re good to go.

STEP 1: Visit


STEP 2: Click the ‘Signing in to Google’

STEP 3: Log into your account like usual. If 2FA is enabled, enter the randomly generated code.





STEP 4: Click 2-Step Verification option as highlighted below.


STEP 5: Scroll down a bit and you’ll find ‘Set up alternate second step’. Under Google Prompt, click on Add Phone.


STEP 6: On the overlay window, click GET STARTED. On the next window, select your phone which you are currently using.




Note: You must have a screen lock enabled on your phone. It will beat the purpose of Google Prompt if anyone can access the prompts without much efforts right? 😉select-phone

Click on NEXT.

STEP 7: A prompt will pop-up on your phone like the screenshot below. Click on YES.


If everything is okay then you’ll get a screen having the confirmation message that it worked! Hah!

google prompt confirmation

Everything is setup now and whenever you’ll try to sign-in from a new device, you’ll be instantly asked for the confirmation by Google Prompt.


If you are an iOS user, well you need to first download the Google search app for your device, login and then try the steps to activate Google Prompt. Life is tough for you guys, no disrespect intended! 😛

Leave you experiences with Google Prompt in the comments below!

Need any help? You can reach me through the comments here or using the contact page. Stay safe and share the love 🙂