Personal SEO?! Have you ever heard that term before? If you haven’t then this post is tailor-made just for you!

Before moving onto the details, let’s do something different. Search your name on Google but first make sure that you sign out of your Google account (or simply use the incognito mode in Google Chrome – Ctrl+Shift+n).

google search your name

So, did any of the results excite you? Or all that you got was some doppelgänger of yours flooding the search results or even worse, any link pointing to some digital material that might become a big embarrassment for you in future.

If you search my name, you will find a person having the same name as me taking up the second position, a seemingly unrelated person having my name as a part of his 6 word long name caught up in a lawsuit!

Although my website ( manages to rank in 9th position while my Twitter account ranks in 7th position.

Recently my LinkedIn profile jumped up from nowhere to the 5th position. But ultimately its the top results that make the first impression!

negative results give a bad impression

Imagine the situation if a person wanting to know more about me, searches my name on Google and finds some nightmarish results that aren’t even related to me!

Get this, the search results that appeared on Google for your name as the search term is because your name appears somewhere or the other on those particular webpages.

You might ask “if this is the case then why aren’t my social media profiles showing up? My social media profiles contain my name!”

personal seo using social media

Indeed that’s a valid question but the apparent reason for why your social media profiles or any other webpage that you authored or own don’t come up in the search results is because your social media profiles are not following some basic personal SEO guidelines.

Personal SEO is a type of search engine optimization which when applied correctly can boost up your rankings in the search results whenever anyone makes a Google search for your name.

The benefits of working on your personal seo score include –

  • Better search engine visibility.
  • Chance to build an online reputation.
  • Showing off your expertise in your field.
  • Getting potential employers to hire you just by Google-ing your name!

At this very moment you might throw in the question – “what’s in it for me? I’m not particularly worried if a criminal branding my name comes up in the search results.”

negative results can have a bad impact on reputation

If you were to be a student like me who will soon start to search for jobs as a fresher, having an online reputation that too a positive one would greatly improve the chances of you landing a wonderful job.

One of the eye-opening statistics points towards the trend where the HR’s are now searching for the potentially employable candidates on Google during the hiring process.

It has become important to portray yourself as good online as you mention yourself in your resume.

Employers now are more socially active than you think and having a well maintained online reputation can be the difference maker when it comes to hiring process.

The same can be said for people working with big brands who want to be seen on search results which will directly improve their sales.

Imagine the situation where the majority of your customers are attracted because of your brand reputation, personal seo really matters!

positive reputation helps

Some insights by Mr. Philip Turner from MyBlogU

Personal SEO is vital for everyone from students who are building their resumes to entrepreneurs. Your personal web page can be the home of all your links to your work if you are a writer.

Yes, you can use G+ but isn’t it better to keep control of these links yourself rather than trust any third party site, which can close your account in an instant.

Promote your personal brand at every opportunity, every guest post, email signature and in social media. Add to your personal brand pages daily if you can and at least weekly, add images and personal information, but nothing you would not want a future employer to see.

Promote your page in search engines by searching for your name on search engines from different computers, ask friends to do the same. Clear cache (Ctrl F5 in Windows) before you search. I have seen people use “missions” at to get people to search for their name and to then click on a particular result.

(Empire Avenue is free; you build “funds” by completing “missions” for other people and can then spend those “funds” by setting up your own “missions”)

Here is David Leonhardt from MyBlogU sharing his experience with Personal SEO.

Good luck if your name is Robert Downet!  I wish I was the highest ranking David Leonhardt, but what can you do when a New York Times reporter and columnist keeps moving up the ranks, eventually wins a Pulitzer Prize, and keeps churning out content on a daily basis?

When I first got on the Web, I thought the biggest competitor for my name was the guy who held my .com name domain, the leader of a jazz group. But the New York Time David Leonhardt blew us both away, and I long since gave up (because it is just not that important to my personal strategy).

If I was to do it all over again, with a crystal ball to see what would eventually happen, I might just have changed my name, at least for marketing purposes.Dave leonhardt? DWJ Leonhardt? David W Leonhardt? Who knows?

And now that I have a brand new page about me ( … biography/ ), I really don’t expect it to rank well for my name against all the competition in that space. Ironically, that page that will probably never attract any traffic from the search engines is already proving to be the most important page on my website.

Learning from David’s experience it’s always better to start working on building up the base for your online reputation.

If you can manage to get a .com domain starting with your name and post some quality articles on a regular basis, you can easily rank up for your name.

This blog post is the first of two-part series. In the second part I will post the tips and tricks on how you can improve your personal seo score, build a positive reputation online and rank in the top for search results!

Have any ideas or queries regarding personal seo in your mind? Do share them using our comments system given below.